T-MAX Series

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T-MAX Series

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When nothing but the best lighting equipment will do, the T-MAX platform provides military operators, law enforcement officers, and even weekend adventurers with expert tools for demanding situations.  T-MAX lights feature a powerful white-light output of 750 lumens with strobe capability and can be operated in high, medium or low brightness settings. Built for superior hand control, the T-MAX also provides access to the entire control panel with just your thumb. An ergonomically designed grip allows for maximum use of your hand while still maintaining control of the light. The unique finger loop allows you to load, reload and clear your weapon without releasing the light. To perform under the most challenging conditions, T-MAX lights are constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum, are fully waterproof, and the crenulated bezel can act as a striking tool. To maximize functionality, all T-MAX lights can be paired with our patented TRS mounting accessories to provide hands-enabling control from your belt, chest, and magnetic surfaces.

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Military and Law enforcement discounts

All of our prices are based upon MSRP.  However, First-Light USA is proud to offer discounts for military personnel and law enforcement professionals, and quantity discounts on larger orders. Contact us today to discuss your tactical lighting needs.


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