At First-Light, USA we may be surrounded by corn and soybean fields, but our lights were born on the battlefield and on patrol – where low light can be a formidable adversary for warfighters, combat medics, and police officers. Our approach to tactical lighting ignores the outdated rules of flashlight design, allowing us to create revolutionary, hands-enabling, professional-grade lighting solutions for the most critical of circumstances.

We’ve spent years studying how tactical professionals use their lights. Their movements. Their decision-making processes. Even their stress levels. The result of these careful observations are common-sense designs that offer uncommon tactical performance advantages. With NVG-friendly options and a variety of powerful beacon arrays, we can provide low- to high-signature light at the touch of a finger. And our proprietary Red+Green color mix, available on several of our lights, allows for increased blood highlighting at the point of injury, allowing medics to more readily identify trauma and provide the appropriate care under the most intense conditions.

Our battle-tested TORQ, T-MAX, and TOMAHAWK lights have also found a home with emergency responders, hunters, campers, adventurers, personal defense, and everyday use. They are also the ideal tools for HVAC, electricians, plumbers, farmers, mechanics, audio professionals and any profession that finds darkness an obstacle to getting the job done.


Military and Law enforcement discounts

All of our prices are based upon MSRP.  However, First-Light USA is proud to offer discounts for military personnel and law enforcement professionals, and quantity discounts on larger orders. Contact us today to discuss your tactical lighting needs.