NSN: 6515-01-646-2636

MES Combat Lifesaver: 245B, 245C


TOMAHAWK MC TRS Tactical Flashlight Kit

Tomahawk MC Red/Green Kit

NSN: 6230-01-591-1594

MES Combat Medic Set: 246C

MES Tactical Combat Medical Care: 269C

Whether you’re a combat medic or combat lifesaver, you must have a light source that enables you to have full use of your hands while providing reliable and versatile illumination. Our specially designed lights enhance visibility at the point of injury and perform across the full spectrum of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) applications. First-Light’s unique mix of red and green LEDs, on select models, at the appropriate wave-length and brightness, “highlight” the color red, especially blood while subduing other colors (and fluids) when compared to using blue, red, or green light alone. And our hands-enabling design via multiple mount options, and full 180° adjustability of the light, add a unique set of features specifically engineered to assist Combat Medics and emergency medical personnel.

First-Light’s Red+Green Mix

Red Light Only

Blue Light Only

Green Light Only

Lights with Red+Green mix



Military and Law enforcement discounts

All of our prices are based upon MSRP.  However, First-Light USA is proud to offer discounts for military personnel and law enforcement professionals, and quantity discounts on larger orders. Contact us today to discuss your tactical lighting needs.