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 Multi-Purpose, Tactical Illumination Device for Warfighters.

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Originally designed & developed under an AFWERX SBIR contract, SLIDR and its NVIS-compatible variant GLIDR (for Airmen), represent the most versatile illumination platform ever made available to Warfighters Combining a vast number of features and functions, SLIDR thoughtfully and elegantly meshes the functionality of multiple existing lights into a single compact device. Powered by a single AA battery, SLIDR delivers white light, Infrared, Red, Green, and our Red+Green Mix for highlighting blood at the point-of-injury. SLIDR also provides adjustable brightness of all output colors, an IR Beacon, Lock-Out Mode to prevent inadvertent discharge of the light, and a Double-Click-for-Color to access the colored LEDs from Lock-Out Mode.

Featuring a 360-degree rotating steel clip and a 90º-pivoting lamp housing, SLIDR delivers 2-AXIS adjustability of the light from numerous mounting locations including the MOLLE vest, cap, back of a glove, and helmet. A built-in locking system ensures that SLIDR will stay securely stowed in the most demanding situations. An accompanying nylon strap with a detachable hook-and-loop patch allows SLIDR to be worn as a headlamp or attached to any opposing hook-and-loop surface for nearly limitless deployment options.

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Part#: 996023

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Part#: 996023-CB

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Part#: 626103

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63mm x 61mm x 27mm
(2.48in x 2.40in x 1.06in)

High White: 100 Lumens
Medium White: 40 Lumens
Low White: 10 Lumens

Secondary Colors
Red+Green Mix
Infrared (IR)

Light Dispersion
White: Focused Beam
Red, Green, Red+Green: Flood Beam
Infrared: Omnidirectional

2.7oz (76g) with battery
2.2oz (62g) without battery

360-Degree, rotating steel clip with MOLLE Lock

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White Constant-on:
High 5 hrs
Medium 18 hrs
Low 30 hrs

White Beacon: 50 hrs

Red, Green, Red+Green Mix:
High 5 hrs
Medium 20 hrs
Low 40 hrs

Infrared Constant-on:
High 10 hrs
Medium 25 hrs
Low 40 hrs

IR Beacon: 60 hrs
IR and White-Light Beacon Flash Rate: 60 per minute
IR Wavelength: 880nm

Construction Material
Base: High-impact glass-filled nylon
Light housing and lens:
High-impact polycarbonate

Battery Tube and Cap:
6061 Hard Anodized Aluminum


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Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA
Alkaline AA
3.6V Lithium Disposable AA
3.7V Rechargeable Lithium Ion AA

Midnight Black and Dark Gray

MIL-STD-810H (1m for 30 minutes)

5-Year Limited Warranty

Environmental Specifications
Normal Operating Temperatures: (-20°F) to 120°F

Hands-Free Light



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Battery Installation

STEP 1. Open battery tube by unscrewing the battery cap.
STEP 2. Insert one AA battery according to polarity as indicated on the outside of battery tube.
STEP 3. Close battery cap until secure.

Lockout/Ready Mode

SLIDR is factory-shipped in Lockout Mode, a setting for preventing inadvertent illumination. To unlock the light and enter Ready Mode, quickly press and release the 1 and 2 buttons simultaneously. The green “unlock” indicator will illuminate signaling that visible light modes are active. To re-enter Lockout Mode at any time during use, press and hold the 1 and 2 buttons simultaneously until the red “lockout” indicator illuminates, then release.

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Colored LEDs (Red, Green, Red+Green)

Press & Release – Turn ON & OFF 

When OFF, Press & Hold – Cycle Through Colors 

When ON, Press & Hold – Change Brightness of Selected Color 

Double-click to activate colored light from Lock Mode. White light will remain inactive.

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 Press & Release – Turn ON & OFF

 When ON, Press & Hold – Change Brightness

 When OFF, Press & Hold – White Light Beacon

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 Press & Release – Turn ON & OFF

 When ON, Press & Hold – Change Brightness

 When OFF, Press & Hold – IR Beacon

Blue LED indicates IR Light is ON.  If the IR light is ON and the 1-dot or 2-dot button is pressed, the blue LED will illuminate.  Be sure to turn the IR Light OFF when light is not in use to prevent draining the batteries.


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 Press & Hold – Lock Mode (Red LED turns ON to indicate light is in lock-mode)

 Press & Release – Unlock (Green LED turns ON, briefly, to indicate light is unlocked)


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Military and Law enforcement discounts

Our prices are based upon MSRP.  However, First-Light USA is proud to offer discounts for military personnel and law enforcement professionals, and quantity discounts on larger orders. Contact us today to discuss your tactical lighting needs.


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