Liberator STT

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Liberator STT

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Originally designed as a high-performance lighting solution for law enforcement, the Liberator tactical flashlight has become the first choice of law enforcement and military personnel throughout the world. Liberator’s patented design leaves both hands free, allowing you to do all the things you’d do with a typical flashlight in low-light situations without having to sacrifice a hand to hold the light. Perform necessary tasks including shooting, reloading, control tactics, handcuffing and many other vital applications all in the same manner you would in broad daylight. No more armpit or mouth holds, dropped lights or slow and awkward manipulations. And, unlike a weapon light, Liberator gives you the option of aligning your barrel and beam only when it makes sense.



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Military and Law enforcement discounts

All of our prices are based upon MSRP.  However, First-Light USA is proud to offer discounts for military personnel and law enforcement professionals, and quantity discounts on larger orders. Contact us today to discuss your tactical lighting needs.

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