Multi-Functional, Tactical Illumination Device for Aircrew

    Developed in conjunction with select Air Force flight equipment crews, GLIDR represents a new chapter in how Airmen outsmart the dark. Powerful White-Light, NVIS-compatible light, and IR, all with adjustable degrees of brightness, plus IR and white-light beacon capabilities make GLIDR the easy choice for Aircrew illumination.

    Two-axis movement provided by the rotating steel mounting clip and the adjustable lamp-housing allows the light to be deployed at virtually any angle. The rotating clip fits snugly into MOLLE webbing and features a MOLLE Lock pin for added stowing security.

    The versatility continues with the addition of our custom strap that comes equipped with a detachable hook-and-loop pad for getting GLIDR pretty much anywhere it needs to go. It can be worn on the forehead as a traditional headlamp, on a helmet, ball cap, plate carrier, flight glove, or anywhere you decide to put a loop-receiver for rapid relocation or placement.

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